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Enhancing both aesthetics and functionality, double vanities streamline busy morning routines by providing separate areas for each partner. A lack of storage is one of the most common complaints homeowners have and double vanities will not only expand counter space but provide additional storage solutions.

Your interior designer can assist with taking your vanity design one step further by suggesting additional customizations, such as furniture-inspired designs, textured accents such as fluted door panels and premium hardware selections. Consider upgrading your sinks to something more unique, adding wall tile that extends to the ceiling and/or wall mount faucets for added visual impact. It’s all in the details!

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Bold & Pattern Tiles

Your ensuite bathroom offers a canvas for playful patterns and vibrant colors, injecting personality into a typically smaller space. As your personal sanctuary, it should reflect your individual style. Introducing bold tiles can infuse artistic flair and character into an otherwise understated area without breaking the budget. The key lies in harmonizing patterned tiles with solid colors to maintain balance and prevent the space from feeling overly busy. To ensure a timeless appeal, opt for patterns featuring neutral hues and subtle contrasts rather than an abundance of vibrant colors. Alternatively, geometric tiles in a single solid color offer a chic way to introduce pattern without overwhelming the space or feeling too trendy.

Project: Functional Beauty

Project: The Buena Vista


Freestanding Tub

When selecting the ideal tub, it’s crucial to test it out in the showroom to ensure comfort, especially for those indulgent bubble baths. Consider whether you and your partner enjoy bathing together; if so, opt for a wider tub that provides ample legroom (if your space allows for it). Prior to shopping, confirm the maximum dimensions your space can accommodate, bearing in mind you ideally want 6”-12” of clearance around the tub. Additionally, ensure your hot water system can adequately support the increased demand without diminishing the supply throughout your home. While floor mount tub fillers add a touch of elegance, deck mount options offer a more budget-friendly alternative without compromising style.

Project: Modern Beach House


Heated Floors

Similar to heated seats in your vehicle, once you’ve indulged in the comfort of heated floors in your bathroom, reverting to conventional flooring becomes unthinkable. Equipped with a programmable thermostat, heated floors offer customizable temperature settings tailored to your preferences and schedule. Stepping onto cold tiles after a warm shower is a discomfort many of us can relate to, making heated floors a welcomed solution. If you’re feeling extra boujee, consider extending the heated flooring into your shower to keep your feet warm while you’re showering.


Large Custom Shower

With so many features and customizations available for showers today, we could dedicate an entire blog to this topic alone! Conversations around age-in-place has become more common during the initial design discussions. For those looking to design their “forever home”, it’s important to consider accessibility so your home can age with you. Due to this growing trend, curbless showers are growing in popularity not only for their sleek appearance, but to make it easier to get into the shower when mobility becomes difficult with age. Additionally, curbless showers allow for seamless tiles into the shower area. Curbless showers also allow for tile to flow continuously into the shower without the need for a transition. Depending on the size of your floor tiles, opting for a linear floor drain may be necessary to achieve the required slope.

When selecting plumbing fixtures, it’s important to give some thought to the type of shower experience you’re wanting. Functionality is just one small aspect when designing your shower. A common choice for ensuite showers is a combination of a rain head and hand shower. Hand showers typically provide higher water pressure and a slide bar to cater to individual height preferences. Incorporating a hand shower also simplifies cleaning tasks and who doesn’t want that! For couples who enjoy showering together, dual shower heads are highly recommended to avoid one person being cold. For added luxury, consider body sprays, which offer an additional layer of indulgence that might seem unnecessary until you’ve experience it firsthand.

Another worthwhile investment worth considering is a steam generator, offering the ultimate spa-like experience. If integrating a steam unit, ensure your shower glass extends to the ceiling so you don’t lose all of that valuable steam! Your shower ceiling will need to be tiled to protect it from water damage and incorporating a good size bench provides comfortable seating while you’re relaxing. Niches are often included for storing shower essentials like shampoo bottles and body wash. Premade niches are available in 12” widths and various heights. To enhance functionality and aesthetics, consider constructing a custom linear niche spanning the full width of the shower or incorporating a built-in shower ledge.

Project: The Mayfair



No discussion of bathroom upgrades would be complete without mentioning toilets. For those inclined to indulge, there’s a range of smart toilets on the market that offer a range of features. These high-tech toilets offer so much more than just motion-sensor activation. Depending on the model, they may include heated seats, various bidet functions, air drying capabilities, ability to play your favourite tunes, color-changing lights, and even foot-warming features. While these toilets can come with a hefty price tag, they cater to individuals seeking the utmost luxury experience and are typically reserved for ensuite and powder rooms.

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