Initial Consultation

Understanding you, your design preferences, and your lifestyle is an extremely important part in the design process. Think of it like a first date, but without all the stress. Typically lasting about an hour, the initial consultation helps us define the scope of work, how you intend on using the space, your budget, and timeline expectations for the project. This will also be your chance to learn about us and our process, so it’s important that all decision-makers are present during the consultation to ensure we are all on the same page moving forward.


Documentation & Deposit

Following the initial consultation, we will provide you with a contract that outlines the scope of work, our policies, roles and responsibilities, our procedures, and our fee structure. We will also provide you with a quote that includes the estimated fees for our interior design services for the entirety of the project.


Kick-Off Meeting

Once the documentation and deposit have been received, we can get things started with a kick-off meeting. During the kick-off meeting, we will review the design requirements and ensure we have a complete understanding of the scope of the project before work begins. We will then take detailed measurements and photographs of all the spaces involved in the project. As the project progresses, tradespeople may be required to take their own measurements for estimating purposes.


Pre-Design Phase

Following the kick-off meeting, the designer will schedule a meeting to review any inspiration photos that you have. We dive-in deep to get a full understanding of your vision and any wish list items you may have. The designer will then put together digital mood board(s) to convey the design intent for your project and to ensure everyone is on the same page. The materials and fixtures shown on the mood boards are high level and designed to fine tune your vision even further.


Design Phase

During this phase, the designer will work closely with you and schedule various appointments at local suppliers to select your flooring, millwork, plumbing fixtures and lighting etc. Floor plans and concept sketches are also presented as needed to convey the design intent. This is the most time-consuming phase and may take several weeks to complete.


Construction Drawings

This is the phase where all aspects and details are considered. We will draw up all of the necessary floor plans and populate the schedules as per your approved finishes and fixtures. The working drawing package will provide information regarding the design intent to the contractor, will allow him/her to obtain the necessary permits and to price the project accurately.


Quote & Approvals

After completing the working drawings, a copy will be issued to the general contractor, and he/she will obtain pricing for all of the finishes and fixtures selected to date. We will then present a preliminary budget to you based on the design concept and materials discussed. We will work directly with you to make any necessary adjustments due to price points and/or lead times. Once all documents have been signed and deposits have been paid, the general contractor will start ordering materials and will establish a construction timeline. Nothing will be purchased without your direct approval.


Trades Begin Work

In this phase, the design concept will take physical shape. We will conduct site visits throughout this phase to ensure the work is being carried out as per the design intent and to the highest quality of craftsmanship. The designer will work closely with you and the general contractor for any issues that may arise during this phase.


Project Completion

Once the project is nearly completed, the designer will conduct a final walkthrough of the space and record any deficiencies. The designer will work with the general contractor to ensure that any deficiencies are rectified prior to completion. If required, the finishing touches will be added: furniture pieces will be delivered, window treatments will be installed, and accessories will be placed.



Once all of the staging has been completed, we will schedule a day to photograph your new space.

Happy Dance


Now that the dust has settled and everything is perfectly placed, you can now breakout in a spontaneous happy dance… the designer might just join in! Friends and family are now invited and you can show off your updated space with confidence!


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