Every year we see new design trends coming out. Although it can be tempting to incorporate all of the latest trends into your home, not all design trends are worth the splurge or even practical. Trends will always come and go, so I recommend keeping true to your personal style and only taking on trends that really speak to you and will be easy to change down the road when it no longer suites you. Whether you’re taking on a major renovation or wanting to give your home a simple refresh, its typically best to keep your home timeless and add elements that are trendier to specific areas so you’re not constantly feeling like you’re needing to update your home. Here are some upcoming trends that you may want to incorporate into your home going into 2023.

Monochromatic Colour Schemes

The use of grey tones and monochromatic neutral colour schemes have been a favorite for a long time, but the trend is slowly making its way out. We’re seeing warmer tones being incorporated into spaces along with the use of layered textures to add visual warmth. The use of light white oak floors have been incredibly popular these past few years and for good reason. I personally love the lighter woods you see in Scandinavian design, but it’s a welcomed change to see darker wood tones making its way back into 2023. We’re also seeing more pops of colour and bold patterns being used to add personality and life to a space. After going through a tough couple years with the pandemic, I think people are starting to look for ways to add some playfulness and variety to their home.

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The use of arches and curves are making its way back into homes and I’m obsessed. We’ve been seeing it everywhere from entrance ways, door openings, ceiling details and decorative alcoves. Arches are a great way to break up the harsh straight lines often seen in homes today and adds a level of softness and a more welcoming organic feel. Arches also add a visual element to an otherwise dull looking space and can really define an area. Changing all your wall openings to arches can be a big undertaking, but a simpler, more cost-effective way to incorporate this trend is to paint an arched accent wall, add an arched mirror or to bring it into your furniture and accent pieces.

Furniture Trends

Due to the pandemic, we’ve seen increased lead times and furniture is no exception. Most people don’t want to wait months for a sofa to arrive, so they’re turning to more vintage pieces and locally sourced items. We’re also seeing a desire for modular furniture that allows for flexibility and encourages conversation. Rattan furniture has made a huge comeback recently. The material is sustainable which we love and has the durability to last generations. That all said, it’s not the most comfortable when used as a chair and only works well with very specific design styles.

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